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1934-35 Centenary Florin

In 1934 the Melbourne Centenary Committee (MCC) entered into arrangements with the Commonwealth Government for the minting of 75000 commemorative florins to the face value of £7,500. Under those arrangements the florins were to be sold for 3/- with all profits going to a fund under the control of the MCC to offset costs from […]

1954 Royal Visit Florin

In 1954 the newly crowned Queen of England, Elizabeth II toured Australia in February. To commemorate this royal tour the Royal Mint branch in Melbourne minted a 50% silver florin using master dies and punches supplied by the Royal Mint in London. The obverse of the coin bore the bare headed portrait of Elizabeth as […]

1951 Federation Florin

1951 was the golden anniversary (50th) of the federation of Australia. A florin (known as the Federation florin) was released to commemorate the event. The obverse bears the usual Paget portrait of George VI while the reverse bears a design by William Leslie Bowles, a Victorian sculptor. His design was one of several considered by […]

The Florin

The florin (or two shillings) was minted for Australian use from 1911 through to 1963.  During this time it was minted in England, and the Royal Mint branches in Melbourne and Sydney.  The Australian florin weighs 11.31 grams and measures 28.5mm in diameter.  It was minted in sterling silver from 1911 till 1945.  From 1946 […]

1927 Parliament Florin

The 1927 Parliament Florin was the first ever commemorative circulating coin to be issued in this country. It was Minted to celebrate the opening of the then new (and now old) Parliament house in Canberra. It is also often called a Canberra florin.   With a mintage figure of 2 million a large majority of […]