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The Origins of the 1930 Penny

Reproduced with the kind permission of the author Fred Lever. Early in 2017 I was perturbed to see on our premier coin web site the ‘Australian Coin Forum’ a string of less than correct advice offered to a newcomer regarding the origin of the 1930 Penny. Part of the uninformed waffle was to re-invent the […]

1964 Melbourne Penny

The 1964 Melbourne penny is typically very well struck and the most easily found Australian penny in choice uncirculated grade or better. It is also one of the easiest to find in full red. Rolls of 1964 Melbourne pennies are reasonably common which explains the relative abundance of high grade coins of this year and […]

The Penny

The penny was minted for Australian use from 1911 through to 1964. During this time the coins were minted at the Royal Mint in London, the Heaton Mint in Birmingham, the Royal Mint in Calcutta (India), the Royal Mint branch in Bombay (India), and the Australian branches of the Royal Mint in Melbourne, Perth, and […]