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Known Decimal Upsets

This is a list of known (or rumoured) upset decimal coins which is being maintained by an Australian Coin Forum member. If you’re wondering what an upset coin is then you should take a look at this article on the Australian Coin Collecting Blog. $2 1995 (Unconfirmed) $1 1985 MoR (Confirmed) $1 1996 Parkes @ […]

The One Dollar Rabbit Ear

The rabbit ear on the mob of roos Australian 1 dollar coin is caused by a die break or chip resulting in a raised cud representing an extra ear on the top kangaroo. It can be found on the 1984, 1985, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2015 and 2016 dated dollar coins. […]

1998 10 Cent Die Clash Error

Die clash occurs when the two dies, the reverse and obverse impact each other without a coin planchet between them. It can leave the impression of one of the dies on the other at the low points of the design. In the case of this 1998 10c particularly in the fields around the portrait and […]

2010 50 Cent Upset Variety

Some Australian 2010 50 cent coins have been found to be “upset”. Which means that the designs on the obverse and reverse designs were not aligned correctly when the coins were minted. The Australian 50 cent coin is usually minted with the obverse and reverse designs in “medallic alignment”. This basically means that the two […]

1 Dollar Coins

The dollar coin was introduced in 1984 replacing the one dollar note that had circulated since the introduction of decimal currency in 1966. The first coin bore the Arnold Machin portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the reverse depicting 5 kangaroos was sculpted by Stuart Devlin. The design quickly became known as the “mob of roos” […]

2009 Five Cent Reverse Claw Cuds

The tiny  Australian 5 cent piece is quite susceptible to breaks in the die causing cuds particularly on the echidnas claws. These examples on the 2009 dated 5c. Images show the progression of the deterioration of the die, with new cuds appearing as the deterioration continues.