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2009 Five Cent Reverse Claw Cuds

The tiny  Australian 5 cent piece is quite susceptible to breaks in the die causing cuds particularly on the echidnas claws. These examples on the 2009 dated 5c. Images show the progression of the deterioration of the die, with new cuds appearing as the deterioration continues.

5 Cent Coins

The Australian 5c coin is a small copper nickel (75% copper, 25%) nickel that has been produced for circulation since 1966.  It weighs 2.83 grams and since it’s introduction the obverse has included a depiction of Queen Elizabeth II.  The reverse has always depicted an Echidna as originally designed by Stuart Devlin. There are no […]

Unknown Date 5 Cent Clipped Planchet Error

Very large 5 cent curved clipped planchet error of unknown date. The error is genuine as evidenced by: Blakesley Effect is evident on the obverse where the rim is weak around the area of “ELIZ”. The shape of the clipped area of the coin is consistent with what would be expected when a coin is […]