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2010 50 Cent Upset Variety

Some Australian 2010 50 cent coins have been found to be “upset”. Which means that the designs on the obverse and reverse designs were not aligned correctly when the coins were minted. The Australian 50 cent coin is usually minted with the obverse and reverse designs in “medallic alignment”. This basically means that the two […]

50 Cent Coins

The Australian fifty cent coin is the largest commonly circulating Australian coin.  It was initially produced in 1966 as a round, 80% silver coin but was quickly removed from circulation because the silver value exceeded the face value.  In 1969 the 50c made a re-appearance as a large, unusual dodecagonal (12 sided) coin bearing the […]

2000 Fifty Cent Millennium Incuse Flag Variety

In the year 2000 the Royal Australian Mint released a commemorative 50 cent coin to celebrate the new millennium.  The so called “2000 Millennium 50c” shows the usual Ian Rank-Broadley portrait of Queen Elizabeth II while the reverse shows a stylised Australian flag with the usual Union Jack in the top left corner. Some time […]